Mountain scrambling builds on your hill walking experience and adds an extra dimension, taking you off the beaten path and giving you access to a spectacular environment normally reserved for rock climbers and mountain goats!  

Guided Scrambling in the Lake District will take you into the hidden corners of the mountains, rocky ridges and remote gullies, all under the expert guidance of qualified and experienced guides and instructors. 

Our Scrambling Skills Courses will give you the skills and knowhow to get out there yourselves and discover this whole new world!

​Guided Scrambling in the Lake District

On our Guided Scrambles in the Lake District you will be expertly and safely led by a qualified guide as you complete some of the most iconic, classic scrambles in England! 

Grade 1 Scrambles:

Introductory scrambles (Grade 1 - e.g. Striding Edge, Halsfell Ridge) are achievable by most people who are reasonably fit and have a head for heights.

We don't usually use ropes - although there's nothing wrong with asking for one, but you will need to use your hands / knees / bum etc as we climb gullies and rock steps, and traverse exposed  ridges to some of the most iconic summits in England.

Grade 2 & Grade 3 Scrambles:

Advanced scrambles (Grade 2 - 3 e.g. Pinnacle Ridge) are more challenging, with greater exposure and some trickier terrain involved.  Some previous hillwalking experience is a big help!

We will usually use the rope and associated gear and techniques at this grade.

Before booking we will chat to you about your aims and aspirations and plan a tailor made day to challenge and inspire you! 


Guided Scrambling (Introduction)          £160.00 per guide per day           (up to 6 people)

Guided Scrambling (Advanced)             £160.00 per guide per day           (up to 2 people)

Please note that the price above is per guide (not per person.)

​Guided Scrambling in the Lake District is available daily, all year round. Contact us for details.

Scrambling Skills Weekend (Lake District)

Get the most from your time in the mountains by combining the two courses above into one intense, epic weekend!

Saturday - Introduction to Scrambling Skills

Sunday - Advanced Scrambling Skills

​Over the course of one unforgettable weekend (or any two consecutive days) you will cover all of the above, learning and practising new skills and completing several classic Lake District Scrambles. By the end of the weekend you will have been taught the skills and abilities to head out on your own scrambling adventures!

Please note we do not provide accommodation.

Cost: £300.00 per instructor (max 2 people.)

If you fancy something more adventurous than a hill walk, want to push yourself, try something new, or want to see the mountains from a different point of view then Scrambling could well be for you!

Need some inspiration? Learn about our Classic Scrambles in the Lake District.

​​Scrambling Courses in the Lake District

Guided Mountain, Hill and Fell walking, and mountain skills training courses in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales

Introduction to Scrambling Skills (Lake District)

​This one day course will introduce the basic skills of mountain scrambling, and complete (at least) one of the classic Lake District scrambles. By the end of the day you will have a greater understanding of Mountain Scrambling and will have learnt and practiced a whole host of new skills and techniques that will enhance both your safety and enjoyment of this exhilarating mountain activity. 

Amongst other things we will look at:​

  • Route finding
  • ​Assessing the safety and security of the rock
  • Climbing and movement techniques
  • Dealing with loose rock

And, of course, enjoy an incredible mountain journey in a spectacular


Cost: £160.00 per guide / instructor (max. 6 people)

Advanced Scrambling Skills (Lake District)

This course is aimed at those with a good level of hill walking experience and some scrambling experience. It is also ideal if you have completed the ​Introduction to Scrambling Skills (Lake District)  course above, and wish to take your skills further.

​During this one day course you will further develop your existing skills whilst learning new techniques under the ever watchful eye of an experienced and qualified scrambling instructor. We will be operating on grade 2 and 3 ground today, with small ratios of 1 instructor to 2 clients to make sure we give you the best possible day.

During this course you will cover (amongst other things):

  • Using the guidebook
  • Advanced movement skills
  • Developing rope work skills
  • Emergency techniques
  • ​Assessing risks and managing hazzards

Cost: £160.00 per guide / instructor per day (max. 2 people per instructor).

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